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Glass Art

Glass Art
Transform every day items such as bottles and jam jars into works of art with our wide range of Markers & Pens for marking Glass.

With our wide range of both Temporary & Permanent Markers, you can have some real fun. Personalise Wine Bottles for your next dinner party or create a bold a beautiful message on a mirror that will just simply wipe away! With a little imagination, and these Markers, you can make a massive impact with colourful, even fluorescent designs.
Model: 400XF
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, these high quality Paint Pens will mark almost any surface with a clear, bold mark.2 - 3 mm Line WidthQuick DryingFade ResistantWater Resistant12 ColoursSurfacesMetalPlasticRubber & TyresGlassOther smooth Non-Porous surfacesApplicationsArts & CraftsDIYMetal ..
Ex VAT:£1.90
Model: CH
These top quality China Markers have a very soft, greasy core making them perfect for making bold marks on smooth surfaces such as Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics and much more.  Also used artistically for drawing on most surfaces.Extremely soft coreEasy Peel-Off sharpening systemWipe off most non-p..
Ex VAT:£0.85
Manufacturer: Edding Model: ED-4085
Fine 1 - 2mm bullet nib making them ideal for Sign Writing and creating smaller designs on Windows, Mirrors and other non-porous surfaces.Available in 20 colours including Metallics, Neons & PastelsHighly opaque ink will produce a colourful, bright mark that will withstand heavy rainfall but can..
Ex VAT:£4.70
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 750-H
These Paint Markers are perfect for creating large designs on virtually any smooth surface such as Glass, Plastic and Metal.They produce a beautiful gloss finish for permanent and waterproof marking making them ideal pens for decorating anything from Christmas Baubles through to Glass Bottles, Glaze..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 751-H
These Paint Marker Pens are fantastic for writing and personalising items as the smooth fine nib gives you good control for all creative and design based uses. They mark any smooth surface such as Glass, Metal and Plastic, allowing you to decorate practically anything from Picture Frames, Candle Hol..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 780-H
These Super Fine Glossy Paint Marker Pens are perfect for creating intricate designs on smaller items. Great for marking dark coloured card and paper to create wonderful greetings cards, gift tags and presents for your friends and family. You can personalise just about anything with these Markers as..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8700-H
These Glossy Paint Pens have a MASSIVE Chisel Nib making them perfect for making an Impact!! They are fantastic for marking Dark and Transparent surfaces including Glass, Metal, Rubber and Plastic.Marks are resistant to water, abrasion, light & heat5-18mm Line WidthGreat for marking Dark and Tra..
Ex VAT:£8.50
Manufacturer: Edding Model: E-90
Glassboard Marker for writing and marking on glassboards and most glass surfaces.2 - 3mm Line WidthBullet TipBright ColoursDry-wipeLight-fastPlease Note: these Markers are currently stocked in packs of 5 Assorted Colours including 1 of each; Black, Violet, Light Blue, Light Green & Yellow - Plea..
Ex VAT:£11.90
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQ15
These Rainbow Liquid Chalk Pens or Markers have a broad, 15mm nib.Available in 10 ColoursWithstand heavy rainfallEasily removed from non-porous surfaces with a soft damp cloth,Shelf Life: 18 monthsSurfacesBlackboardsWhiteboardsGlassMirrorsMetalRubberApplicationsFor Pubs, Clubs, Resturants, Farm Shop..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-WP
These Markers have been specially formulated to provide a bright, permanent mark on wet or damp surfaces such as Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Rubber, Plastics etc.Easy and Clean to usePaint will resist spreading or running on wet or damp surfacesLeave a highly visible, permanent markMarking Range -50F to..
Ex VAT:£3.80
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: R-PP
These fantastic Marker Pens are a clean and simple way to personalise and decorate any dinnerware including mugs, plates, bowls, cups and much more. Great fun for both Adults and Children to create colourful pieces to keep as decorative or functional dinnerware. Available in either a Fine ..
Ex VAT:£9.40
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQ5
These Liquid Chalk Pens or Markers have a 5mm nib.Available in 10 ColoursWithstand heavy rainfallEasily removed from non-porous surfaces with a soft damp clothSurfacesBlackboardsWhiteboardsGlassWindowsMirrorsMetalRubberApplicationsFor Pubs, Clubs, Resturants, Farm Shops etc. For marking Blackboards ..
Ex VAT:£1.60
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