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Matt Paint Pens

Matt Paint Pens are perfect for decorating porous surfaces such as dark coloured paper, wood, ceramics and canvas, leather and other materials. They’ll even mark very porous surfaces such as wallpaper and rough wall plaster and they are resistant to water and abrasion.

Create patterns and designs on items such as Plant Pots and Window Boxes, Bags, Wooden Crates and create colourful Greetings Cards and Pictures.

These Matt Paint Pens will also work well on smooth surfaces such as Glass and Mirrors.

Edding 4040 Matt Paint Pen, Fine 1-2mm Edding 4040 Matt Paint Pen, Fine 1-2mm
-50 %
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 4040-H
These marker pens are perfect for decorating and personalising smaller items. Their fine nib, allows for easy application leaving a fabulous silk-matt finish. Effective on porous surfaces such as paper, wood, ceramics, canvas, leather and other fabrics, create bright and colourful patterns on s..
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