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Textile Markers

Enter a world of creative design with our range of fantastic Textile Markers.  Design and decorate a wide range of fabrics including Cotton, Silk and Linen etc.

Give an old bag a new lease of life or write a personalised message on T-Shirts for a night out? Whatever you want to do, you’ll be able to achieve the best results with these High Quality Pens and Markers.

With a massive 20 colours to choose from, this water-based, quick-drying ink will produce bold, bright marks which you can fix with an iron (without steam) and hey presto!  Your finished product is wash resistant up to 60◦C.

We only sell high quality products so you can be assured of their performance, but please remember that we always recommend that you test the Markers thoroughly before using them on a final piece of work.

Manufacturer: Artline Model: ART-EKC-1
High Quality Fabric Pens for use on a wide range of surfaces.Line Width 1.2mmWater-ProofFade resistantMachine washableWhite Ink so great for dark surfacesSurfacesFabric & TextilesUniformsPPEBedding..
Ex VAT:£1.91
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 4500H
These fantastic textile markers are fabulous for any budding fashion designer! They produce a bold line width, enabling you to create large patterns and designs on almost any untreated fabric such as Cotton, Silk and Linen. So get creative! Use them to personalise and decorate pieces of clothing, fr..
Ex VAT:£2.05
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 4600H
These Fine Nib Creative Textile Markers are the perfect solution for creating intricate patterns and designs on almost any untreated fabric such as Cotton, Silk and Linen.Personalise Bags, Ornaments, Decorations and write messages on Cushions, T-shirts and Bags.. these textile markers make design ea..
Ex VAT:£1.10
Manufacturer: Staedtler Model: 319 LM
Staedtler Lumocolor Laundry Marker For making permanent marks on Textiles, such as tags in shirts etc. Waterproof 0.6mm Nib ..
Ex VAT:£2.13
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