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Dykem Specialist Markers

Sometimes you need a Marker that does more!! Dykem Markers are perfect for Industrial Applications that require a more specialist approach. From High Temperature and High Purity Markers, through to Textile Markers, Dykem have a fantastic range to suit every situation.
Dykem High Temp 44 Paint Markers Dykem High Temp 44 Paint Markers
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: HT44
Specially formulated to mark surfaces that will be exposed to extreme high temperatures.3 - 5 mm Valve Action Felt Tip which can be depressed to re-ink the Marker (even if the lid has been left off) and control the flow of the PaintDrying Time 45 seconds to 1 minuteThreaded Barrel so Marker can be s..
Ex VAT:£6.25
Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: XCHK
For more colours, scroll down and see Markal Security Check MarkersProvide the perfect way to quickly and easily identify the loosening of Nuts, Bolts, Parts and Assemblies either by vibration or tampering.Marks are easily broken if there is any movement within the part.  The UV Fluorescent Col..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Dykem High Purity 44 Paint Markers Dykem High Purity 44 Paint Markers
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: HP44
Perfect for marking Stainless Steel and other materials that are prone to degradation and contamination. Medium 2 - 4mm,Valve Action Nib.Contains trace amounts of halogens, low melting metals and is low in chlorides.Paint will not contaminate or adversley affect the surface being marked.Threade..
Ex VAT:£7.25
Model: LPS-57802
NSF Registered Markers for marking on food contact surfacesNSF Regsitered Permanent Ink Markers for nonfood compounds category R1Quick DryingPermanent Black InkMarking Range -20F to 475F (-29C to 246C)Withstand sterlisation processes of 250F (121C) at 15 psi for 20 minutesValve Action to prevent ink..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: 80496/80696
Machine Shop operators depend on Dykem Steel Red Layout Fluids to scribe, clear and precise lines.  When applied, Dykem Layout Fluids provide a uniform deep blue colour that prevents glare and dries in minutes.All Dykem Layout Fluids create an extremely thin film which adds practically no thick..
Ex VAT:£7.45
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: 83307
Hi-Spot is an intensely blue, soft, uniform paste that spreads easily and evenly to show high spots on bearings. A thin coating may be left on the surface day in and day out and will not dry.  The film will remain pliable and transferable and in condition for months.​non-dryingnon-hardeningtran..
Ex VAT:£7.82
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: XCHK-PLUS
Formulated to meet the exacting standard of the Aviation Industry. Cross Check Plus is a direct, yet improved, replacement for the F-925 Skydrol Resistance Torque Seal Markers.Excellent AdhesionDries to the touch in 30 secondsFunctional Cure Time: 2 daysFull Cure Time : 7 daysVisually detect loose n..
Ex VAT:£9.71
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: DALOT
These High Quality, Dalo 'T' Stock Paint Markers provide a rapid-drying, bright and sharp mark on synthetic and synthetic/cotton blended fabrics.Approx 2 mm, Medium Ball Point HeadLarge, heavy duty aluminium barrelHigh Paint CapacityPermanently marks on almost any type of fabricResists all modern te..
Ex VAT:£6.25
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: TEX-T
These High Quality, TexPen Textile Paint Markers provide a rapid-drying, bright and sharp mark on synthetic and synthetic/cotton blended fabrics.Approx 1mm, Fine Ball Point HeadHeavy duty aluminium barrelHigh Paint CapacitySpecifically designed for writing at all Angles, including Upside Down!!Surfa..
Ex VAT:£4.99
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: BM40
Like the standard Brite-Mark 916 Markers, these Brite-Mark 40 Markers are perfect for marking and colour-coding almost any surface including Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Glass, Stone and much more!The features that make these particular Markers perfect for Industrial use include a threaded cap and barrel..
Ex VAT:£4.60
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