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Edding Specialist Markers

Edding Specialist Markers
A wide range of Markers for Specialist Applications such as NLS Hi-Tech Markers for Sensitive Materials and High Heat Solid Paintstiks for Applications where high temperature will be applied.
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 950
Made for tough jobs, these fantastic, high quality Solid Paint Markers are specifically designed for permanently marking greasy, rusty, oily, muddy and other surfaces where a normal Marker just won’t do the job!!  They will even mark, and dry underwater!!Work at temperatures from  -10 to 1..
Ex VAT:£3.90
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8000
For permanently marking Freezer Bags and Containers.Frost Resistant to -22CFine 1mm Line WidthQuick DryingAlcohol BasedNon-Toxic, Black InkSurfacesPlasticsBags ApplicationsDomestic useKitchensManufacturers Part Number: 8000-001..
Ex VAT:£2.10
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8010
These high quality X-Ray Markers are perfect for the permanent lettering and marking of X-Ray films.Super Fine 0.8mm Line WidthLow Odour InkOpaque Lacquer FinishSurfacesX-RayPhotographsPlastic Coated PaperApplicationsRadiographyPhotographyManufacturers Part No: E-8010..
Ex VAT:£53.30
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8030
Edding 8030 NLS Hi Tech Markers contain Low Corrosion Ink and are suitable for marking stainless steel and other sensitive metals and surfaces.Low in HalogensSuitable for Sensitive Metals1.5 - 3mm Bullet NibSurfacesSensitive MetalsApplicationsAviationVehicle PlantsMetal FabricationSpace StationsManu..
Ex VAT:£23.70
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8040
Perfect for marking School Uniform, PPE, Workwear etc. Marks can be washed again and again. Perfect for both domestic and industrial use.Fine 1mm NibWash proof up to temperatures of 95CSuitable for most fabricsPermanentWater-ProofSmudge-ProofQuick dryingBlack InkSurfaces Fabric & TextilesAp..
Ex VAT:£2.50
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8055
These high quality Marker Pens are perfect for marking almost any surface that is going to live outside.Use them around the Home & Garden to anything from Labels, Buckets, Watercan's, Wheelie Bins etc.  They will work on almost any smooth or porous surface.Use them in Industry where you nee..
Ex VAT:£2.95
Manufacturer: Edding Model: E-8180
A small, yet annoying challege, faced by us all. These Markers are perfect for removing the sticky residue of labels, stickers and adhesive residue.Chisel Tip4mm Line WidthSuitable for most hard, non porous surfacesLow OdourColourlessContain Natural IngredientsCan be used on vertical surfaces withou..
Ex VAT:£2.95
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8280
The Edding UV Marker for security purposes is essential for marking valuable items such as TV's, Computers, Laptops etc. Invisible Marks will show up under UV or Black Light.1 - 2mm Bullet TipUltraviolet (UV) and black light trackingWidely used within Industry, particularly the Automotive Industry f..
Ex VAT:£3.75
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8850
Extra Long Mouth Piece for marking difficult to reach places eg. Drill HolesMark almost any surface including Aluminium, Sheet Metal, Concrete, Stone, Glass, Wood, Plastic & MoreExtra Fine 0.7 - 1mm Line WidthQuick DryingSmudgeproofSurfacesAluminiumSheet MetalConcreteGlassWoodPlasticApplications..
Ex VAT:£4.35
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