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Liquid Paint Markers

Liquid Paint Markers
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-VALVE
These high quality Markers provide a long-lasting, fast-drying and permanent mark.  They are wear-resistant, water-resistent and will mark almost any surface.Medium 2 - 4mm Nib14 Bold Standard ColoursMark almost any surfaceFast-DryingXylene-FreeLow in Chloridges, Halogens and SulphursAssorted B..
Ex VAT:£3.60
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-HP
These high performance Paint Markers (formally known as Pro-Line HP Markers) are perfect for marking all industrial surfaces but were specifically developed for superior marking where the surface is oily or greasy. Developed for Industry, colours are bright and bold and marks are superior to ot..
Ex VAT:£3.60
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PL-FINE
These Fine Line Paint Markers are perfect for marking all industrial surfaces where a Fine Line is needed.Developed for Industry, colours are bright and bold and marks are superior to other Valve Action MarkersXylene-Free PaintLightweight BarrelClip for Pocket Storage and to prevent rollingMarking R..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-HT
These high performance, high temperature Paint Markers contain Prismalock Technology enables long-lasting colours up to 1800F/982C.Fast DryingXylene-Free PaintDurable Metal Barrel & Industrial Quality NibClip for Pocket Storage and to prevent rollingMarking Range -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C) - See..
Ex VAT:£4.75
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-WP
These Markers have been specially formulated to provide a bright, permanent mark on wet or damp surfaces such as Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Rubber, Plastics etc.Easy and Clean to usePaint will resist spreading or running on wet or damp surfacesLeave a highly visible, permanent markMarking Range -50F to..
Ex VAT:£3.80
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-XT
THE BEST Valve Action Paint Marker Pens for Extreme Conditions in Industry.  Will mark through oil, grease, dust, grease and all other types of dirt. The high quality acrylic nib is harder than other Markers making them perfect for rough surfaces.Easy and clean to useAlternative to Ball Paint M..
Ex VAT:£3.60
Manufacturer: Markal Model: PRO-D
High quality Paint Marker Pens for temporary marking, marks can be removed with a mild detergent.Fast dryingDo not leave ghosting or residueMarks can be removed with a detergent with a PH Level of 10 or aboveAvailable in 6 ColoursMarkal Pro-Wash W Water Removable Markers also availableSurfacesSteel ..
Ex VAT:£5.50
Manufacturer: Markal Model: PRO-W
High quality Paint Marker Pens that are easily removable from non-porous surfaces with water.Fast dryingMarks easily removed from non-porous sufacesDo not leave ghosting or residueSurfacesSteel & IronGlassPlasticApplicationsQuality ControlMetal FabricationAutomotive IndustryConstructionManufactu..
Ex VAT:£5.50
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-SL-400
These fantastic, high quality Liquid Paint Markers are water-based and therefore reduce user safety concerns in comparison to standard Paint Pens.Approx 3mm Line WidthAvailable in 6 Standard ColoursWater Based Paint contains NO SOLVENTSReduces User Safety & Environmental ConcernsA greener altern..
Ex VAT:£3.65
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-SL-100
These fantastic Paint Pens are great for marking almost any surface with a permanent, bright mark.Approx 3mm Line Width15 Standard ColoursAlso available in a pack of 6 Assorted ColoursXylene FreeFast DryingMarking Range: -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)Resist temperatures up to 100C (212F)SurfacesMetal..
Ex VAT:£2.75
Make durable marks with these High Quality Paint Pens which are then designed to be completely removed from Steel during the Pickling Process, prior to Galvanising.Fast DryingWeather ResistantXylene FreeMedium Tip approx 4mmMarking Range -29C to 55CSurfacesSteel & IronPipes & TubesApplicatio..
Ex VAT:£5.65
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK97050
All the benefits of Markal Valve Action Paint Markers and highly visible under UV Light.Fast-Drying InkXylene FreeRobust Barrel for Industrial ConditionsHighly Visible under Ultraviolet and Black Light4 Colours; Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange and Flourescent PinkPlus an In..
Ex VAT:£3.50
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