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Manufacturer: Tempil Model: 2oz-temp
When applied to a surface, Tempilaq quickly dries to form a dull and opaque film.  The film liquifies when heat is applied and the rated temperature is reached. As the surface cools, the liquified Tempilaq re-solidifies to leave a distinctly different mark, confirming that the target temperatur..
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Manufacturer: Tempil Model: T-STIK
Made in the USA Tempilstik® is the original Temperature Indiacting Stick.  They offer an inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement, the Tempilstik is rugged and easy to use with no gauges or electronics and no calibration is required.Tempilstiks are precise even for the most c..
Ex VAT:£15.99
Manufacturer: Tempil Model: TempThin
For use with Tempil Tempilaq only, these 2oz Bottles Thinners will dilute or replace any evaporated solvent.Manufacturers Part No: TMP-24597..
Ex VAT:£9.82
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