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Chalk Powders

We offer a range of Chalk Powders including French Chalk Powder/Unscented Talcum Powder, Calcium Carbonate Chalk Powder and Coloured Calcium Carbonate Chalk Powder for use with Chalk Lines.

French Chalk Powder (Talc)
Model: TALC
Unscented Industrial Talcum Powder is widely used as a dry lubricant.100's of uses, including:Stop Rubber Seals sticking togetherKeep Rollers running smoothlyFix Sticky DrawersFor quantities of more than 150 kilos (or 100 kilos if you are not UK Mainland) please get in touch with your full delivery ..
Ex VAT:£3.45
Model: CALC
Calcium Carbonate Chalk Powder, Yellow is usually used with Chalk Lines, although there are many other uses.Available in 2.5 Kg bags.Please note that the pigments mixed with the Chalk Powder are not always temporary. A test should always be done before use to ensure that the pigments are suitable fo..
Ex VAT:£11.99
Model: CALC
Calcium Carbonate Powder is widely used within the Manufacturing industry as a filler however, it does much more! To name but a few, it can be mixed with water to make a paste to be as a scourer or mixed with water to produce a temporary paint like material, for temporarily coding timber or metal, e..
Ex VAT:£2.99
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