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Temporary Markers

Temporary Markers
Temporary Markers come in all shapes and sizes, for all surfaces and applications.

Here you'll find a comprehensive range of Chalk Pens including Wet-Wipe Markers, Non-Permanent OHP Markers which will wipe clean from Plastic, Whiteboard Markers and even Vanishing Pens where marks on fabric disappear after a few days.

If you are unsure as to which product best suits your application, please just ask [email protected]
Manufacturer: Hancock's Model: HANVAN
Blue Felt Tip Pens,For writing on all fabrics & materialsMarks are air reactive and will vanish naturally in 3 - 5 daysThorough testing should be performed, with each material, before using these Pens on a final piece of work.SurfacesSyntheticsRayonOther delicate fabricsTextilesFabricsApplicatio..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQ15
These Rainbow Liquid Chalk Pens or Markers have a broad, 15mm nib.Available in 10 ColoursWithstand heavy rainfallEasily removed from non-porous surfaces with a soft damp cloth,Shelf Life: 18 monthsSurfacesBlackboardsWhiteboardsGlassMirrorsMetalRubberApplicationsFor Pubs, Clubs, Resturants, Farm Shop..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: Markal Model: DURA-WASH
These high quality Ink Markers are easy to use and contain highly visibly, quick drying Ink which is totally removable from non-porous surfaces using water or cleaning agents.No ResidueNo GhostingXylene Free3 Bright ColoursSurfacesMetal & SteelGlassOther non-porous surfacesApplicationsQuality Co..
Ex VAT:£4.20
Manufacturer: Markal Model: PRO-D
High quality Paint Marker Pens for temporary marking, marks can be removed with a mild detergent.Fast dryingDo not leave ghosting or residueMarks can be removed with a detergent with a PH Level of 10 or aboveAvailable in 6 ColoursMarkal Pro-Wash W Water Removable Markers also availableSurfacesSteel ..
Ex VAT:£5.50
Manufacturer: Markal Model: PRO-W
High quality Paint Marker Pens that are easily removable from non-porous surfaces with water.Fast dryingMarks easily removed from non-porous sufacesDo not leave ghosting or residueSurfacesSteel & IronGlassPlasticApplicationsQuality ControlMetal FabricationAutomotive IndustryConstructionManufactu..
Ex VAT:£5.50
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQ5
These Liquid Chalk Pens or Markers have a 5mm nib.Available in 10 ColoursWithstand heavy rainfallEasily removed from non-porous surfaces with a soft damp clothSurfacesBlackboardsWhiteboardsGlassWindowsMirrorsMetalRubberApplicationsFor Pubs, Clubs, Resturants, Farm Shops etc. For marking Blackboards ..
Ex VAT:£1.60
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