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Why choose Crayons?  Wax Crayon remain THE most economical way of marking almost any surface with a semi-permanent mark. They work just as well as Marker Pens in 9 out of 10 instances and, as they are available in a wide range of colours, they are just as versatile.

Why choose Walters & Walters? Our Industrial Wax Crayons have been made by the same family since 1945, we know what we’re doing! Our Crayons are specially formulated for the given surface so whether it’s timber or tyres you’re marking, our Crayons will give you the mark you expect.

How do I know they will work for me? Just get in touch with our friendly sales team either by e-mail [email protected] or pick up the phone Tel: 01763-245445 and we’ll happily send you a free sample of any of our Crayons.

What if I need something more specialised? Sometimes, a general wax crayon isn’t enough, sometimes you need something just a little bit cleverer. Don’t worry, we have a range of specialised crayons that will do the job.  The range includes Water Soluble Crayons, Fluorescent Crayons, Grease-Free Crayons and much more.

Need more info? Just get in touch with our knowledgeable team, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Walters & Walters Crayons are stocked by all the major distributors within the Engineering & Tool, Road Management, Safety and the Survey Industries (to name a few), please just get in touch for the name of a stockist near you.
WWL Warehouse Crayons WWL Warehouse Crayons
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WWL
These Crayons have been specifically designed for general use around the warehouse and packing room for marking cardboard, boxes, paper, pallets, walls, floors etc. They are also our recommended Crayon for marking leather.114 x 14mm       Round, pointed and labelled8 standard col..
Ex VAT:£3.30
WSR Roadmarkers WSR Roadmarkers
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WSR
These fantastic Roadmarkers are the largest on the market.  They are made to a soft, yet Industrial quality formula meaning they mark with a clear, bold mark but last longer than an ordinary wax crayon.Approx 125 x 20 x 20mm - Largest on the UK MarketRectangular, unlabelled blocks7 Standard Col..
Ex VAT:£7.35
WWT Timber & Metal Crayons WWT Timber & Metal Crayons
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WWT
These crayons are specially formulated to produce clear, bold and bright marks on all types of timber and wood, and all types of cold steel and metal. They are also a fantastic choice for use on all types of stone and masonry, including concrete and roads. They are the perfect option where numbers &..
Ex VAT:£4.30
WRL Rubber & Tyre Marking Crayons WRL Rubber & Tyre Marking Crayons
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WRL
These Crayons are specifically designed for writing on Rubber & Tyres, Plastics & Polystyrene.114 x 14mm approx.Round, pointed and labelled8 Standard ColoursParticularly effective on dark surfacesBoxes of 12Sharpener availableSurfacesRubber & TyresPlasticPolystyreneFoamApplicationsRubber..
Ex VAT:£4.70
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WRB
These large, Industrial Heavy Duty Crayons are the perfect solution for bold marking on almost any surface. They are particularly useful for marking up large areas and the large range of colours make them great for colour codingApprox 120 x 20 x 20mm - Largest on the UK MarketRectangular, Unlabelled..
Ex VAT:£7.35
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WGL
These Crayons are made to a very soft formula so they will mark glass and other hard surfaces with a clear, bright mark.Approx 114 x 14mmRound, pointed and labelledAvailable in Yellow & WhiteBoxes of 12SurfacesGlassPlasticMetalApplicationsAutomotive IndustryGlass Production/StockholdingManufactu..
Ex VAT:£4.64
WKL All Purpose Crayons WKL All Purpose Crayons
Manufacturer: Walters & Walters Model: WKL
Mark almost any surface with a clear, bold markApprox 110 x 11 x 13mmYellow & White, more colours to follow soon (or contact us with a special request)Boxes of 12SurfacesWood & TimberMetal Rubber & TyresStone & MasonryRoadsConcreteApplicationsMetal FabricationRubber & Tyre M..
Ex VAT:£5.40
Manufacturer: Sakura Model: S-WSOL
These Crayons are extruded and are therefore much harder wearing than the standard moulded Crayons. These Crayons are made of a water soluble wax meaning that they can be totally removed from non-porous surfaces with a cloth & water.Suitable for Rough and Smooth SurfacesWorking temperature ..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Model: Sharp
These Crayon Sharpeners are perfect for use with Walters WWT Timber & Metal Crayons, Walters WWL Warehouse Crayons, WRLWalters  Rubber Crayons and Walters WGL Glass Crayons...
Ex VAT:£2.49
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