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UV Markers

UV Markers
In this section you will find a wide range of UV Markers for all applications.

From Invisible Security Marking to Highly Fluorescent Markers for signwriting, we can supply them all.
Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: XCHK
Provide the perfect way to quickly and easily identify the loosening of Nuts, Bolts, Parts and Assemblies either by vibration or tampering.Marks are easily broken if there is any movement within the part.  The UV Fluorescent Colours are highly visible both with the naked eye and with a UV Light..
Ex VAT:£4.99
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8280
The Edding UV Marker for security purposes is essential for marking valuable items such as TV's, Computers, Laptops etc. Invisible Marks will show up under UV or Black Light.1 - 2mm Bullet TipUltraviolet (UV) and black light trackingWidely used within Industry, particularly the Automotive Industry f..
Ex VAT:£3.75
Manufacturer: Sakura Model: XSC#300
These fantastic Glow in The Dark Solid Paint Markers have all of the benefits of the Sakura Solid Markers, but with the added advantage of safety-grade, photo luminescent material.The marks will write, stay on and glow on smooth, rough, oily, wet or damp surfaces.The Safety-Grade Luminescent Pigment..
Ex VAT:£9.99
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK97050
All the benefits of Markal Valve Action Paint Markers and highly visible under UV Light.Fast-Drying InkXylene FreeRobust Barrel for Industrial ConditionsHighly Visible under Ultraviolet and Black Light4 Colours; Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange and Flourescent PinkPlus an In..
Ex VAT:£3.50
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