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Specialist Markers for Autos

We offer a wide range of Specialist Markers for use within the Automotive Industry.  From Paint Markers that will cut through Oil and Grease to Tamper Proof Torque Markers, we can supply them all. 

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable Sales Team for further information regarding any of our products [email protected] 

Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-SECURITY
Provide an effective, visual identification of the moving of nuts, bolts and assemblies either by tampering or vibration. Easily applied, the non-drip formula, cracks when loosened.Heavy Metal Free so safer for the user than other similar productsLarge Tube, holds 50ml of 'Paint', considerably more ..
Ex VAT:£9.03
Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: XCHK
For more colours, scroll down and see Markal Security Check MarkersProvide the perfect way to quickly and easily identify the loosening of Nuts, Bolts, Parts and Assemblies either by vibration or tampering.Marks are easily broken if there is any movement within the part.  The UV Fluorescent Col..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: HP44
Perfect for marking Stainless Steel and other materials that are prone to degradation and contamination. Medium 2 - 4mm,Valve Action Nib.Contains trace amounts of halogens, low melting metals and is low in chlorides.Paint will not contaminate or adversley affect the surface being marked.Threade..
Ex VAT:£7.25
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8030
Edding 8030 NLS Hi Tech Markers contain Low Corrosion Ink and are suitable for marking stainless steel and other sensitive metals and surfaces.Low in HalogensSuitable for Sensitive Metals1.5 - 3mm Bullet NibSurfacesSensitive MetalsApplicationsAviationVehicle PlantsMetal FabricationSpace StationsManu..
Ex VAT:£25.33
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8280
The Edding UV Marker for security purposes is essential for marking valuable items such as TV's, Computers, Laptops etc. Invisible Marks will show up under UV or Black Light.1 - 2mm Bullet TipUltraviolet (UV) and black light trackingWidely used within Industry, particularly the Automotive Industry f..
Ex VAT:£3.85
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-DURA-5
Perfect for marking where other Marker Pens can't reach eg. Drill Holes, Mounting Brackets etc.Extended Nib with 1mm Line WidthGreat for precision markingIndustrial Strength InkSmear & Water ResistantXylene FreeSurfacesMetalTimberGlassPlasticTextilesApplicationsConstructionMetal FabricationDIYAu..
Ex VAT:£4.35
Manufacturer: Markal Model: DURA-WASH
DISCONTINUED - SPECIAL PRICE, WHILST STOCKS LASTThese high quality Ink Markers are easy to use and contain highly visibly, quick drying Ink which is totally removable from non-porous surfaces using water or cleaning agents.No ResidueNo GhostingXylene Free3 Bright ColoursSurfacesMetal & SteelGlas..
Ex VAT:£1.00
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-XT
THE BEST Valve Action Paint Marker Pens for Extreme Conditions in Industry.  Will mark through oil, grease, dust, grease and all other types of dirt. The high quality acrylic nib is harder than other Markers making them perfect for rough surfaces.Easy and clean to useAlternative to Ball Paint M..
Ex VAT:£3.80
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-WP
These Markers have been specially formulated to provide a bright, permanent mark on wet or damp surfaces such as Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Rubber, Plastics etc.Easy and Clean to usePaint will resist spreading or running on wet or damp surfacesLeave a highly visible, permanent markMarking Range -50F to..
Ex VAT:£4.45
Manufacturer: Markal Model: PRO-D
High quality Paint Marker Pens for temporary marking, marks can be removed with a mild detergent.Fast dryingDo not leave ghosting or residueMarks can be removed with a detergent with a PH Level of 10 or aboveAvailable in 6 ColoursMarkal Pro-Wash W Water Removable Markers also availableSurfacesSteel ..
Ex VAT:£6.15
Manufacturer: Markal Model: PRO-W
High quality Paint Marker Pens that are easily removable from non-porous surfaces with water.Fast dryingMarks easily removed from non-porous sufacesDo not leave ghosting or residueSurfacesSteel & IronGlassPlasticApplicationsQuality ControlMetal FabricationAutomotive IndustryConstructionManufactu..
Ex VAT:£6.15
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-SL-250-PMUC
Each Marker is fully traceable to the PMUC batch number which is controlled and required and controlled by EDF.- 200 ppm total Halogens (Chlorides, Fluoride, Bromide, Iodine)- 200 ppm SulphurSafe for use on Stainless Steel and other Sensitive MetalSurfacesStainless SteelAlloy Metals Super Alloy..
Ex VAT:£117.40
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