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Rubber & Tyre Markers

Manufacturer: Edding Model: 950
Made for tough jobs, these fantastic, high quality Solid Paint Markers are specifically designed for permanently marking greasy, rusty, oily, muddy and other surfaces where a normal Marker just won’t do the job!!  They will even mark, and dry underwater!!Work at temperatures from  -10 to 1..
Ex VAT:£4.20
French Chalk Powder (Talc)
Model: TALC
Unscented Industrial Talcum Powder is widely used as a dry lubricant.100's of uses, including:Stop Rubber Seals sticking togetherKeep Rollers running smoothlyFix Sticky DrawersFor quantities of more than 150 kilos (or 100 kilos if you are not UK Mainland) please get in touch with your full delivery ..
Ex VAT:£3.45
Model: SPEN
Quick DryingNon-CloggingSmooth FlowingFine LineRefills AvailableWe have been asked several times recently if these marks are removable from Leather.  The quick answer is no, they are an ink, they are not as permanent as Paint Pens however, they are not designed to be removed from the material.&..
Ex VAT:£1.89
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: TEX
These Top Quality Ball Paint Markers are specifically designed for use in Industry.  They will work at any angle, including upside down making them easy and clean to use.The Oil Based Paint makes it easy to cut through Oil, Grease and Rust without losing legibility or brightness, even in extrem..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Manufacturer: Edding Model: E-21
Made from at least 90% recycled plasticRefillable with MTK (system), T25 and T100 (direct) RefillsSpare Nibs availableThese Markers really can be used over and over again.1.5 - 3mm Line WidthWater-ProofWear-ResistantLow-odour ink with no added Xylene or TolueneSurfacesPaperCardboardMetalGlassPlastic..
Ex VAT:£1.10
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 750
These fantastic Edding 750 Medium Paint Pens contain a low-odour, highly pigmented, opaque ink that will produce a ‘Medium’  2 – 4 mm Line. They are perfect for use on Metal, Rubber, Glass, Plastic and Timber but they will mark almost any surface. Due to their opacity, they are particularly eff..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: Markal Model: B
These versatile Solid Paint Markers will mark almost any cold surface. They are the perfect alternative to Paint Sprays, especially where numbers and digits need to be written.Real, Lead Free PaintEasy to use, just like a CrayonMark through Oil, Water, Rust and DirtFor Rough & Smooth surfacesMar..
Ex VAT:£1.99
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-VALVE
These high quality Markers provide a long-lasting, fast-drying and permanent mark.  They are wear-resistant, water-resistant and will mark almost any surface.Medium 2 - 4mm Nib14 Bold Standard ColoursMark almost any surfaceFast-DryingXylene-FreeLow in Chlorides, Halogens and SulphursAssorted Bo..
Ex VAT:£3.90
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-HT
These high performance, high temperature Paint Markers contain Prismalock Technology enables long-lasting colours up to 1800F/982C.Fast DryingXylene-Free PaintDurable Metal Barrel & Industrial Quality NibClip for Pocket Storage and to prevent rollingMarking Range -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C) - See..
Ex VAT:£5.40
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-HP
These high performance Paint Markers (formally known as Pro-Line HP Markers) are perfect for marking all industrial surfaces but were specifically developed for superior marking where the surface is oily or greasy. Developed for Industry, colours are bright and bold and marks are superior to ot..
Ex VAT:£4.15
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PRO-XT
THE BEST Valve Action Paint Marker Pens for Extreme Conditions in Industry.  Will mark through oil, grease, dust, grease and all other types of dirt. The high quality acrylic nib is harder than other Markers making them perfect for rough surfaces.Easy and clean to useAlternative to Ball Paint M..
Ex VAT:£3.80
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-PL-FINE
These Fine Line Paint Markers are perfect for marking all industrial surfaces where a Fine Line is needed.Developed for Industry, colours are bright and bold and marks are superior to other Valve Action MarkersXylene-Free PaintLightweight BarrelClip for Pocket Storage and to prevent rollingMarking R..
Ex VAT:£5.95
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