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Specialist Markers

Walters & Walters Ltd offer the widest range of Specialist Industrial Marking Products that you’ll find on the web.  In this section, you’ll find those Specialised Markers that are hard to find anywhere else.

Our product knowledge is second to none. Have you got a new application and you’re unsure which product will best suit your needs? Or have you been using something for years and wonder if there’s a better alternative?? Whatever your question, please just get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team and we will be able to help.
Dykem High Temp 44 Paint Markers Dykem High Temp 44 Paint Markers
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: HT44
Specially formulated to mark surfaces that will be exposed to extreme high temperatures.3 - 5 mm Valve Action Felt Tip which can be depressed to re-ink the Marker (even if the lid has been left off) and control the flow of the PaintDrying Time 45 seconds to 1 minuteThreaded Barrel so Marker can be s..
Ex VAT:£6.25
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 950
Made for tough jobs, these fantastic, high quality Solid Paint Markers are specifically designed for permanently marking greasy, rusty, oily, muddy and other surfaces where a normal Marker just won’t do the job!!  They will even mark, and dry underwater!!Work at temperatures from  -10 to 1..
Ex VAT:£4.20
Manufacturer: Markal Model: MRK-SECURITY
Provide an effective, visual identification of the moving of nuts, bolts and assemblies either by tampering or vibration. Easily applied, the non-drip formula, cracks when loosened.Heavy Metal Free so safer for the user than other similar productsLarge Tube, holds 50ml of 'Paint', considerably more ..
Ex VAT:£8.77
The perfect solution for marking Rough Surfaces such as Concrete, Bricks & Walls where a Standard Permanent Marker just won't do the job!1.5mm Line WidthSuper Strong Acrylic NibInstant DryingSurfacesConcreteWallsBricksRough SurfacesApplicationsBrick LayingConcrete FabricationGeneral Construction..
Ex VAT:£1.99
These Markers are particularly useful on Waxy Coated Paper, Plastic Tags, Wires etc. making them a perfect addition to an Electrician's Toolbox.Dual Tip 1mm & 0.4mm NibsBlack Permanent Ink Non-Conductive Barrel & InkSurfacesPlastic (Tags)Waxy Coated PaperWiresAlso a good General Surface..
Ex VAT:£1.99
Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: XCHK
For more colours, scroll down and see Markal Security Check MarkersProvide the perfect way to quickly and easily identify the loosening of Nuts, Bolts, Parts and Assemblies either by vibration or tampering.Marks are easily broken if there is any movement within the part.  The UV Fluorescent Col..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Dykem High Purity 44 Paint Markers Dykem High Purity 44 Paint Markers
Manufacturer: Dykem Model: HP44
Perfect for marking Stainless Steel and other materials that are prone to degradation and contamination. Medium 2 - 4mm,Valve Action Nib.Contains trace amounts of halogens, low melting metals and is low in chlorides.Paint will not contaminate or adversley affect the surface being marked.Threade..
Ex VAT:£7.25
Model: LPS-57802
NSF Registered Markers for marking on food contact surfacesNSF Regsitered Permanent Ink Markers for nonfood compounds category R1Quick DryingPermanent Black InkMarking Range -20F to 475F (-29C to 246C)Withstand sterlisation processes of 250F (121C) at 15 psi for 20 minutesValve Action to prevent ink..
Ex VAT:£5.25
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8000
For permanently marking Freezer Bags and Containers.Frost Resistant to -22CFine 1mm Line WidthQuick DryingAlcohol BasedNon-Toxic, Black InkSurfacesPlasticsBags ApplicationsDomestic useKitchensManufacturers Part Number: 8000-001..
Ex VAT:£2.20
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8010
These high quality X-Ray Markers are perfect for the permanent lettering and marking of X-Ray films.Super Fine 0.8mm Line WidthLow Odour InkOpaque Lacquer FinishSurfacesX-RayPhotographsPlastic Coated PaperApplicationsRadiographyPhotographyManufacturers Part No: E-8010..
Ex VAT:£58.17
Manufacturer: Edding Model: 8030
Edding 8030 NLS Hi Tech Markers contain Low Corrosion Ink and are suitable for marking stainless steel and other sensitive metals and surfaces.Low in HalogensSuitable for Sensitive Metals1.5 - 3mm Bullet NibSurfacesSensitive MetalsApplicationsAviationVehicle PlantsMetal FabricationSpace StationsManu..
Ex VAT:£25.33
Manufacturer: Edding Model: E-8180
A small, yet annoying challege, faced by us all. These Markers are perfect for removing the sticky residue of labels, stickers and adhesive residue.Chisel Tip4mm Line WidthSuitable for most hard, non porous surfacesLow OdourColourlessContain Natural IngredientsCan be used on vertical surfaces withou..
Ex VAT:£3.50
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