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Tempil Tempilstiks

Tempil Tempilstiks
Tempil Tempilstiks
Tempil Tempilstiks
Tempil Tempilstiks
Tempil Tempilstiks
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  • Manufacturer: Tempil
  • Model: T-STIK
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Made in the USA Tempilstik® is the original Temperature Indiacting Stick.  They offer an inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement, the Tempilstik is rugged and easy to use with no gauges or electronics and no calibration is required.

Tempilstiks are precise even for the most critical jobs and meet the preheat temperature requirements of AWS D1.1 and other welding code specifications.  Tempilstiks are densley constructed to last longer than other brands, each delivering more the 11,000 6 inchs (15cm) marks that are NIST traceable and certifiable for nuclear use.

Accurate within +/- 1%
Reliable, always in callibration
Melts at designated temperature for easy visual inspection
Robust for Industrial Applications

Surface Pre-heating
Welding & Metal Fabrication
Stress Relieving
Interpass monitoring and controling
Post weld surface heating
Machine & Equipment Opertaions and more.

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