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Chalk is chalk, right?? Wrong. There are many different types of Chalk for many different types of applications.  From standard Blackboard Chalk through to Tailors Chalks & Liquid Chalk Pens & Sprays, Walters & Walters stock them all.

Why choose Walters & Walters?  We have been supplying to Chalk to Industrial Users all around the globe for over 70 years.  Our Chalk Products have been specifically chosen to be of the highest quality and we’ve built our range to include the largest number of Chalks available from one Supplier.

Need more info? Just get in touch with our knowledgeable team, we’ll be more than happy to help.
French Chalk Powder (Talc)
Model: TALC
Unscented Industrial Talcum Powder is widely used as a dry lubricant.100's of uses, including:Stop Rubber Seals sticking togetherKeep Rollers running smoothlyFix Sticky DrawersFor quantities of more than 150 kilos (or 100 kilos if you are not UK Mainland) please get in touch with your full delivery ..
Ex VAT:£3.45
422 Giant Chalk Blocks, Box of 16
2-3 Days
Model: 422
Our most popular Chalk Block, these are perfect for marking almost any surface with a bold, temporary mark.Highest quality White ChalkApprox 100 x 50 x 50mm (4 x 2 x 2")Great for use with Chalk LinesBoxes of 16 BlocksSurfacesMetal & SteelStone & MasonryRoadsFloors Also fit in the hand f..
Ex VAT:£19.40
Model: FCF
High Quality, Hard, White Soapstone Chalk Long Lasting 'wax-like' mark,Removable from Non-Porous surfacesDiscounts for quantity availableSurfacesSteelStone & MasonryApplicationsMetal FabricationStone/Road layout markingWalters & Walters Part No's:FCF12 - Boxes of 12FCF36 - Boxes of 36..
Ex VAT:£3.99
Model: FLTS
Engineers French Soapstone Chalk, also known as Welding or Welder's Chalks are mainly used within the Welding process and Holders are also available.High Quality,Long Lasting 'wax-like' mark,Removable from Non-Porous surfaces,Holders Available SurfacesAll types of Metal including SteelStoneAppl..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Model: 422
Our most popular Chalk Block, these are perfect for marking almost any surface.Highest quality White ChalkGreat for use with Chalk LinesSurfacesStone & MasonryRoadsConcreteApplicationsExhibition HallsFloorsPlayground Marking..
Ex VAT:£19.40
Manufacturer: Hancock's Model: TCWTCC
Hancocks Garment and Tailors Chalk, is the traditional, triangular shaped Chalk widely used by professional Tailors and Dressmakers.Marks usually removed with light brushing (always test first),Available in White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Green & Assorted.Keep edges Sharp with the easy to use S..
Ex VAT:£3.15
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQ15
These Rainbow Liquid Chalk Pens or Markers have a broad, 15mm nib.Available in 10 ColoursWithstand heavy rainfallEasily removed from non-porous surfaces with a soft damp cloth,Shelf Life: 18 monthsSurfacesBlackboardsWhiteboardsGlassMirrorsMetalRubberApplicationsFor Pubs, Clubs, Resturants, Farm Shop..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Lump Chalk, 50 kilos
Out Of Stock
Model: LC
This product is unavailable - Please see our 422 Giant Chalk Blocks for our nearest alternative.Lump Chalk is the most economical way to buy Chalk for marking Roads, Metal, Stone, Bricks, Concrete and more. The Chalk is dug out of the ground, dried, bagged and shipped straight to you.The Lumps are i..
Ex VAT:£29.55
Model: CALC
Calcium Carbonate Chalk Powder, Yellow is usually used with Chalk Lines, although there are many other uses.Available in 2.5 Kg bags.Please note that the pigments mixed with the Chalk Powder are not always temporary. A test should always be done before use to ensure that the pigments are suitable fo..
Ex VAT:£10.65
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQ5
These Liquid Chalk Pens or Markers have a 5mm nib.Available in 10 ColoursWithstand heavy rainfallEasily removed from non-porous surfaces with a soft damp clothSurfacesBlackboardsWhiteboardsGlassWindowsMirrorsMetalRubberApplicationsFor Pubs, Clubs, Resturants, Farm Shops etc. For marking Blackboards ..
Ex VAT:£1.60
Manufacturer: Rainbow Model: LIQSP
Cans of 400mlAvailable in 12 coloursWithstands heavy rainfall on a range of surfacesMarks easily removed from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth, pressure washer or stiff brush and waterCovers approx 10m sq (surface and condition dependent)SurfacesGlass / WindowsMetalBlackboardsStone & Masonr..
Ex VAT:£19.99
Monster Chalk Sticks
Model: 110-111
These Jumbo Monster Chalk Sticks are great for the temporary marking of most surfaces. Approx 100 x 25 mmStrong Industrial QualityBrightly coloured for bold Marking,Available in White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple.Boxes of 12 and 72SurfacesTimber & WoodMetalStone & Masonr..
Ex VAT:£3.99
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