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Craft Accessories

Craft Accessories
Manufacturer: Edding Model: E-8180
A small, yet annoying challege, faced by us all. These Markers are perfect for removing the sticky residue of labels, stickers and adhesive residue.Chisel Tip4mm Line WidthSuitable for most hard, non porous surfacesLow OdourColourlessContain Natural IngredientsCan be used on vertical surfaces withou..
Ex VAT:£3.50
Manufacturer: Edding Model: CB9
These Spare Blades are for use with M9 Cutters.Each Dispenser contains 10 Blades..
Ex VAT:£51.67
Manufacturer: Sakura Model: SAK-QGLUE
Sakura Quickie GlueThese are absolutely fantastic glue pens for sticking small objects and for decorating paper, pictures, scrapbooks, journals etc.Great for decorating with glitter/powder/sequinsIncredibly easy to useDry in 90 seconds (surface dependent)Suitable for 14+ ..
Ex VAT:£1.88
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU47170
For bonding paper, cardboard, leather, felt, foams, many plastics, fabrics, textiles, Styrofoam® etc. among themselves and to many other materials such as wood, ceramics, glass etc. Suitable for indoor use only.Does not wrinkle paperCrystal-clearStrong and rapid adhesionNo stringingNon-drip ..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU47268
UHU Creativ' Fabric, Felt & Ribbon Glue - 40g Also for Wool, Wadding, Pompoms, Pipe Cleaners, Cord etc. Solvent Free, Odour-less & Transparent when Dry Fast Setting and Resistant to Washing & Dry Cleaning. Create Dolls, Fabric Animals, Puppets, Clothes, Boo..
Ex VAT:£2.99
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU50981
Glues fast, strong and durableHighly efficient and cold washableSolvent free glue formula with 98 % natural ingredients (incl. water)Screw cap prevents glue from drying outSuitable for glueing paper, carboard, photos, expanded polystyrene, labels, textiles etcDirections for use:UHU stic is applied w..
Ex VAT:£2.20
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU41931
UHU Super Glue Mini 3 x 1g TubesWe've all done it, used a tube of Super Glue once, then gone back to it six months later and it's totally dry and hard.  This product solves that problem.  The pack contains 3 tiny tubes which gives you enough Glue to stick what you need to and next time you..
Ex VAT:£2.26
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU42804
Special adhesive for textiles. High, immediate adhesiveness Resistant to wash and dry-clean For many textiles also in combination with leather Elastic glue joint Dries transparent and flexible in approx. 30 minutes Solvent free Suitable For: Suitable for hemmi..
Ex VAT:£2.35
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU43480
Strong, Re-Useable, White, No Staining - Does not show through White Paper. Sticks things up and holds things down, a multitude of uses!!..
Ex VAT:£0.90
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU47278
For use on Wood, Cork, Balsa, Natural Materials such as Straw, Hair, Dried Flowers, Leaves & Feathers. Premium Formula, Solvent Free, Quick & Strong Adhesion, Dries Clear. Create Models, Picture Frames, Dolls Houses, Straw Stars, Toys, Decorative Figures and More. Use..
Ex VAT:£3.15
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU39042
UHU Young Creativ' Glitter Glue. For use on most materials. Create pictures, cards, gift tags, decorations and much more. Assorted pack of 6 Metallic Colours; Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Purple. Precision nozzle allows easy and clean application. Ideal for smal..
Ex VAT:£2.30
Manufacturer: UHU Model: UHU39121
For use on most materials. Pastel Colours Create pictures, cards, gift tags, decorations and much more. Assorted pack of 6 Shiny Colours; Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue and Green. Precision nozzle allows easy and clean application. Ideal for small hands. No dr..
Ex VAT:£2.30
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